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What will you get:
1. We are making an iOS application that we will download for you for testing through our App Store account.
We will create a test name application, it will not publish. By email we will add you as a tester for the iOS build through the Testflight program (we will give instructions on how to install with Testflgiht).

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RSA campaign to stamp out mobile phone use while driving

In today’s world, mobile phones demand more and more of our attention. From calls to texting to using the Internet, we spend more time than ever with our entire focus devoted to our phones. This can be much worse than rude – behind the wheel it can be lethal. Hundreds of people die on our roads every year and an increasing amount are due to the use of mobile devices while driving. You can get Driving test car hire

The latest Road Saety Authority campaign which will run for four weeks, shows exactly how mobile phones take up all of our attention. On our TV commercial, we see the world from a skewed perspective – the perspective of a mobile phone user. It’s a cramped and claustrophobic world, and we can’t concentrate on our surroundings. It’s only finally when we put our phones away, that we can see objectively, and see our surroundings safely. Mobile phones now do more thansimply text and phone. It is the fear that drivers are surfing the internet that most concerns us.

They are asking drivers to realise how their phones take their attention away from the task at hand. And having your full attention is never more important than when you have the lives of other road users in your hands. It is very hard to concentrate on 2 things at once and so if driving there should be nothing else distracting your attention. No phone call is so important it cannot wait until you pull in or finish your journey. Info on this is found at driving lessons dublin

This same insight will be rolled out in different guises across all media channels. It’s a constant reminder of the critical importance of keeping your mind wholly focused on the road, and, as the ad reminds us: it won’t kill you to put it away.  The campaign consists of a 50″ and a 30″ TV advert, a radio 30″ radio advert and various online aspects. Information on the campaign can be found in the campaigns section of the RSA website rsa.ie.

Pinnacl Driving School fully support the Road Safety Authority (Ireland) campagn. Dublin roads are full of drivers using their mobile devices while driving. Whether it is people in work vans during the day or coming back from work, you cannot drive very far in Dublin without seeing someone using the phone. Hopefully this campaign will be successful and Dublin’s road will be safer as a result. For information on other RSA campaigns please visit Driving Lessons Tallaght

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Leaning to do the reverse around th corner

When doing the reverse around the corner you first need to ensure that the car is parallel with the kerb and about half a metre out. Then start to reverse back in a straight line until the back left tyre is on the corner. You will know this when the corner disappears from view in the left wing mirror or when the new road appears in the bottom left corner of the left passenger seat window.

At this stage you should turn the wheel about 3/4 left. All corners are different and it’s impossible to give an exact measurement for all corners but by turning the wheel 3/4 left it’s a very good starting point. If you feel the car is turning away from the corner then turn a little more left. If you feel the car is moving towards the kerb turn a little to the right. If it is done correctly you should not need to turn more than a full turn left until you are fully around the corner and are trying to get the car parallel. It is also important not to straighten up too early.

The whole way around the corner you should try and keep the kerb in view both in the left wing mirror and the passenger side left window. Keep reversing until yo ufeel the car is past the end of the corner and onto the new road. At this point turn even more left until the car is parallel. You can again check this in the left mirror or by looking out the back windscree. If it is parallel the kerb should meet the bottom on the rear windscreen either in the centre or just right of centre. Visit driving lessons Tallaght for more information

You will need to keep reversing back in a straight line until the tester says to stop. While doing this you need to maintain all round observation and checking to see it is safe to proceed. If a car comes within 3 car lengths it is best to stop until they are gone. For similar tips on driving you can visit Driving Lessons Dublin . Youtube is also a very good source of material on getting driving tips.

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Advanced Driving Lessons in Dublin

Learning to start, steer and stop is much easier in an automatic car than in a manual car. The right foot should normally be used to control the accelerator and footbrake. There is no clutch to operate and once the initial gear selection has been made all subsequent changes are carried out automatically. They are regulated by the car’s speed and the pressure applied onthe accelerator by the driver.

In some automatic cars, the driver may engage a fixed low gear for carrying out low speed manoeuvres such as parking or the turnabout. When driving an automatic car, the handbrake has to be used more often to avoid it’s natural tendency to creep forward. This will be covered in your first lesson with your driving instructor. Learn more at driving lessons lucan

Automatic transmission enables drivers to concentrate on more important things, such as planning ahead and steering. It makes learning to drive easier, particularly for older or disabled people or those finding difficulty with the clutch or gear changes. Unfortunately the down side of learning in a manual is that once you pass your test you can only drive an automatic car. As automatic cars are more expensive and use more fuel this will limit your choice of car in the future. If you think you will want to drive a manual car at some point in the future then you are probably best learning it now as opposed to a later date.

To drive an automatic car position your right foot so that it wil pivot comfortably between the accelerator and brake pedals. To do this, cover the brake pedal with your right foot. Without looking down or moving your heel, practice pivoting between these pedals.When you have found a comfortable position for your feet, get a feel for the brake pedal by pressing it lightly. When the brake is engaged the brake light comes on, warning drivers behind.

After moving off you should notice that the car responds quickly to pressure on the accelerator or brake pedal so you only need to press these gently. Start driving in a  quiet area with few cars around. Practice starting and stopping as well as checkingthe mirrors, indicating and checking the blind spots. The practice turning left and right, feeding the steering wheel through your hands. These are the basic skills involved in driving automatic cars and will pay off when you encounter busier junctions. Always remember, driving is a skill for life and isn’t easy. Take time to practice and visit www.drivinglessonsdublin.ie for extra advice and tips. Driving test car hire Tallaght

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What to do before taking driving lessons in Ireland

Theory Test

Before you can drive a car in Ireland (even under instruction) you need to 1st get your Learner Permit, also known as the provisional licence. Before you get this you must pass the Theory test. The Theory test, introduced in 2001, will test you on:

  • The rules of the road
  • Risk perception
  • Eco-driving
  • Hazard awareness and
  • Good driving behaviour.

The test can be booked online at theorytest or by calling 1890 606 106 Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Postal Applications are available at Driver Theory Test Centres and Motor Taxation Offices and should be sent to Driver Theory Test, PO Box 788, Togher, Cork (Please do not send your application  form to the Driver Theory Test Centre).

To study for the Theory test applicants should obtain the latest edition of The Official Driver Theory Test Book and CD roms, available from all good bookshops. To pass you must get at least 35 out of 40 questions correct and considering this will teach you the basics of what you can and cannot do on the roads for your full driving lifetime it is worth making the effort to learn it all now. A common problem facing learner drivers is that they do not know who has the right of way or hesitate as they do not know what particular signs mean (such as filter arrows) so getting the basics right now will pay dividends further down the line.

The test itself is a computerised test using either a touch screen or a mouse and keyboard.  A short practice section is available before you start to help familiarise yourself with the computer and you do not need to be computer literate in any way to pass.  If you feel you made a mistake or changed your mind you can change your answer or come back to it later.  At the end you also get another chance to review all answers and alter them if necessary.

If you have any difficulty with reading, there is a ‘voice over’ option that will read out the questions to you. Appropriate pictures or colours will indicate the different answers on the screen and you select your answer by touching the picture or colour. There is also the facility for the test to be conducted in Irish.

The test is scored automatically and results are made available to you immediately. If you have passed a certificate will be presented to you to confirm you have successfully completed the Driver Theory test and can now request your learner permit.

Obtaining your Learner Permit


Once you have passed the theory test you need

  • get your eyes tested and have an eyesight report that allows you to drive.
  • 2 Passport Photos
  • Proof of ID such as copy of Passport or Birth Certificate

You must complete an application form D.201(available in Garda stations)
To apply by post, send all of the above to the address below and you should receive your licence within 2 weeks.

Licensing Authority,
River House,
Chancery Street,
Dublin 7

You cannot take a driving test for at least six months after getting your first learner permit.

Once you have received your licence you are free to start learning. It is highly recommended that you take professional tuition in order to learn good habits from the start and not pick up bad habits from family or friends. When choosing a driving instructor you must 1st ensure they are ADI registered.

In 2008 the RSA introduced a scheme whereby all Driving Instructors had to pass 3 exams and only those who reached the standard set are allowed to give driving tuition for monetary reward. A list of all Approved Driving Instructors is available on the RSA website (www.rsa.i). ADI’s also have an identity card which should be requested at the same time as showing your provisional licence.

Once you have completed the above visit Driving Lessons Tallaght and they can arrange an ADI instructor anywhere in Dublin. Or try Driving lessons Clondalkin or Driving lessons Palmerstown

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